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The Rosen Dental Approach

We start by understanding your needs, your goals, and your practice’s unique offerings.

Our experts assess the true value of your practice. We ensure your practice’s worth is accurately estimated.

Then we tap into our extensive network of quality buyers and present your practice to those who understand its true value.

With our vast experience we ensure negotiations are in your favor, and that you achieve optimal success.

From drafting agreements to final handovers, we stand by you, ensuring that you sell your dental practice smoothly and seamlessly.

Dental Transitions We Can Help With:

Sell Your Dental Practice to a DSO

There is a reason why DSO’s bombard you with letters to buy your practice. They have negotiated 100’s of deals and understand the market better than the owner they’re negotiating with. In most situations, they will be able buy the practice at a lower sale price than if the seller is represented by a practice broker.

Things to think about when selling to a DSO:

1. Create Competition: Think about selling your house. Do you only offer it to one person, or do you try and find multiple buyers to create a competitive situation?

2. Don’t let the buyer set the price: Understand your EBITDA before your present the financials to potential buyers.

3. Understand Capital: What is the buyer’s financing source and where are they in their capital cycle?

4. Consolidation vs. Management: Do their support services match your expectations?

5. Type of Equity: Where is your equity held and are there profit distributions?

6. Post Sale Timeline: How long do you want to work after the sale vs. how long the buyer needs you to sell?

Most importantly, if you are just selling to the DSO because you think you can make more money, we should discuss how you can achieve the same financial success by selling to another dentist.

Associate to Partner to Owner

The transition market is changing rapidly, and most people are exploring DSO sales purely for financial reasons. If you would prefer to sell your practice to another dentist but are worried you would leave too much money on the table, this could be the perfect option.

This option allows you to maximize your transition value while providing the smoothest transition for your staff and patients.

Through this process we:

1. Find candidates who want to buy a practice but associate for you first for 12 months.

2. Determine the value for your practice to sell to your associate.

3. Once you ensure the candidate is the right fit, they buy-in for a percentage of the practice.

4. Maintain complete control instead of working for a DSO.

5. Gradually transition and patients and staff to the new owner. This option is perfect for owners of larger practices that do not like the idea of selling to a corporate buyer.

Sell Your Dental Practice to Another Doctor

When it comes to transferring your practice to another dentist, there are some key factors to consider in order to ensure a smooth transition.  To facilitate the doctor-to-doctor transition, we:

1. Evaluate Cultural Compatibility: Ensure the incoming dentist aligns with the practice’s philosophy and patient approach.

2. Assess Clinical Skillset: Confirm the new doctor’s competencies match the services
the practice offers.

3. Facilitate Patient Communication: Implement a plan to keep patients informed and reassured.

4. Coordinate Buyer Financing: Connect the buyer with dental specific lenders to ensure you receive 100% of the proceeds at closing.

5. Coordinate Due Diligence: Walk the buyer through due diligence so you can focus on running your practice up until closing.

6. Plan Post-Sale Involvement: Decide if the outgoing dentist will have any role post-sale.

7. Discuss Practice Growth Vision: Align on future growth and development plans. Our commitment is to ensure a transition that respects both the dedication you’ve given and the promise of the future.


Whether you are 2 years or 20 years from retiring, you need someone to evaluate your practice.  And we are not just talking about value.  We start with your financials and then dive deep into your practice management software to identify how to make your practice more profitable and more enjoyable to own.

Ready to Begin?

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I have had the opportunity to work with Dave Miller at Rosen Dental Transitions to do a practice valuation as well as a practice purchase. He has always made the process very easy and efficient. I appreciated his honest and straight forward approach to dental transitions. His philosophy that all deals should be win-win for both parties really resonated with me and led to very a smooth process. Dave is highly experienced in the dental field and was a wealth of knowledge for me. He helped me get full fair market value for my practice. I would highly recommend Dave Miller to anyone who is looking to do a dental transition.

Dr Harjeet Brar


Dave Miller of Rosen Dental Transitions has all the qualities that the previous dentists have attested to. I agree with everything that has been stated about him thus far.  In addition, Dave brilliantly analyzes the practice potential from the physical structure to the financial opportunities.  As a dentist who wished to reduce my hours and eventually retire, I referred out a number of procedures I performed during prior years.  Dave was masterful in analyzing this untapped revenue source.   In essence, he showed the buyers how they could instantly increase production after purchasing my practice. This was all clearly laid out in the Practice Market Value Analysis. 

Dave also helped smooth the inevitable “bumps” that arise during negotiations with thoughtful and creative solutions. His calm demeanor mixed with his expertise in these matters made both parties much more comfortable and relaxed during our sale.

I would definitely recommend Dave and Rosen Dental Transitions to anyone thinking of selling one of their most valuable assets. 


Dr. Dan Coyne


The Simulated Sale program at Rosen Dental Transitions is a great tool to help assess the value of your practice.  I highly recommend this to not only established practices, but for newer practices as well.  Dave Miller and his team were able to identify and highlight many aspects of my practice that needed attention. Definitely worth the effort and time.

Dr. Fred N.


Everything was pretty smooth. The only thing that could have been done better would have been to subtract personal expenses prior to the valuation. I didn’t realize just how much of my credit card expenses were not business-related, and I think I’m pretty conservative about those things. It affects the valuation and we had to try and negotiate after the fact.

Dr. Michael Margolis

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you determine the value of my dental practice?
It is a combination of art and science and there is a difference between the value on paper and what the listing price should be based on market dynamics.  We deeply understand the New England dental market so we may recommend listing your practice for a higher price based on buyer demand or vice-versa.  If you are not ready to sell but want to understand what your practice is worth, check out our simulated sale options.
If your practice is located in an area with average buyer demand, the timeline is usually 6 – 9 months from the day you sign our contract to the day you have a huge pile of money in your bank account.
Confidentiality is critical through the sales process.  We have a rigged system to ensure anyone who views your practice information has signed a non-disclosure agreement.
Ultimately you cannot control what the buyer does after you sell the practice.  That is why we believe it is so important to have you intimately involved in the selection process when identifying a buyer.  It is in the best interest of the buyer to retain 100% of the staff and by having you involved in selection, our hope is that the new owner will gel with the existing staff.
Strong cash-flow after paying your debt back.  A clinical match between the sellers practice and your clinical capabilities.  A business model and market that supports your vision of practice ownership.
We have extensive experience in the financing industry and can guide you every step of the way.

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